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My Love

     Here is my girlfriend Karen.  She is the sweetest girl I've ever known and I love her a lots.  We met on 9/9/99 and have been together ever since.  Being the evil person I am I went after Karen with every thing the Guide for Upper Classmen on getting Freshman Girlfriends told me.  She didn't even have a chance.  Now I'm in a steady relationship with the most amazing girl I've known.  :-)   We have just passed our 10 month anniversary.  In these 10 months we have only got into 2 arguments both of them being my fault.  In celebration of these 10 month I send her the files shown on the right.  As for the last 10 months, they have been one of the best in my life.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that it wasn't just a whole dream.  Anyways, as I build more onto this web page I will add more information about me and Karen.