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One of Those Days

    One of those days is a cartoon series of drawings which express my daily life as an Electrical Engineering Student at University of Southern California.  I'm sure most people would share a lot of the daily mood swings depicted in these doodles.  I confess that a draw these in class and on normal lined notebook paper while trying not to fall asleep from the professor's blah blah blahing... I hope you will find these entertaining and delightful.  If you like what you see, please e-mail me and tell me what most you liked (   Thank you for taking the time to view this page. So what type of day are you haveing?


The Pains of a Day
Oh.. Dammit!
Why I can never get at date
Making it through the Day
Zombidifying Day
The Library
All Washed Up
EE241 Classes
Topsy Turby World
Meeting my Date
Secret Love
Can't Leave Class
Computer Networking
Fixing a Printer
Working at a Trade Show
Airplane Flight
The Chinese Student Association
Paint Ball
Broken Heart
Final Exams
Summer Classes
Valentine's Day Dance Flyer
Rain 2 Flood
How Many Engineers?
Snowboarding Disaster


On the bottom you will see clay sculptures of the cartoon characters drawn above.  I made these in my spare time with self hardening clay and tempra paint.  If you have any comments on these, please e-mail me.